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Disk Image Management

Panasonic's Disk Image Management Service provides your organization with an easy way to centralize image management by maintaining your organization's disk image at our National Service Center. This service ensures that in-warranty Toughbook® repairs that require re-imaging of the hard drive are done at the same time. Additionally, it simplifies the process for your internal IT department and minimizes the resources needed when hard drive replacements are required.

Service Description

Image Maintenance

As new applications become available, your organization will want to update your organization's master image. Panasonic will receive your updated images, install them on our servers, and re-image as necessary on future repairs. Your organization will be able to send image updates to our National Service Center quarterly.

Multiple Images

Panasonic will maintain multiple images for your organization based on the needs of your workforce. This means that your users' hard drive images can be specific to job duties, hardware or locations. Panasonic is able to support multiple images because each one of your organization's images is coded and managed separately.

Service Benefits

  • Increase your organization's productivity by minimizing user downtime during repairs
  • Reduce the mobile support burden on your IT resources

Disk Image Management Service Pricing Information

3-Year Plan CF-SVCHDIM3Y $20 per unit
4-Year Plan CF-SVCHDIM4Y $25 per unit
5-Year Plan CF-SVCHDIM5Y $30 per unit
Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.

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